Fort Wayne Heathens

Heathen/Ásatrú Community of Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana

The Gods:

(Offerings suggested by a census of the Community, 2013)

Odin - Odin is the Allfather. He, along with his brothers, carved Ymir (primal giant) into the worlds of Yggdrasil. They created our world of Miðgarðr. He is the chief of the Æsir and rules from his throne where he can see all things. He also hails from his hall, Valhöll, where he oversees the training of his warriors. These warriors, the Einherjar, are plucked from the battlefield by the Valkyrja. In Valhöll they feast and train until Ragnarök. Odin shall fall on the battlefield on Ragnarök at the hands of Fenrir. 

Odin possesses several magical items that strengthen him. He has a ring that duplicates itself as a source of wealth; he has the spear Gungnir, as well as an assortment of other magical gear. He also has several important animals. He owns the horse Sleipnir who is the swiftest beast in all the nine worlds. He also has Huginn and Muninn, ravens that sit upon his shoulder and personify memory and thought. 

Odin made the first man and woman with the help of Hœnir and Lóðurr. Odin also spent nine nights suspended and wounded, without food or drink on the side of the great world tree. While there, he rediscovered the runes for humanity. Odin also sacrificed an eye for a drink at the well of Mimir. Here he gained great wisdom. He is the patron of rune workers. Odin is associated with rune craft, galdr, and shamanism. 

Suggested Offerings - Odin likes expensive whiskey or the best mead you have to offer. He also likes poetry and acts of valor. He is the warrior god and chief of battle. He appreciates acts of bravery or honor done in his name.

Thor - Thor is the god of thunder, strength, common sense, the harvest, etc. He governs many things and was adored by humanity, especially during the Viking Age. Thor is the manly man of the gods. He is tough and brave, as he is the defender of Ásgarðr and is physically stronger than the other gods (perhaps except for his own son). 

Thor is the son of Odin and Jörð (some say Frigg, though that is debated) and he is blessed with immense strength. He is married to Sif and has four children. He lives in his palace Bilskirnir. He is carried throughout the nine worlds on his chariot which is pulled by goats. 

Thor is the protector of Ásgarðr and Miðgarðr and he does this with the help of his legendary hammer, Mjölnir. On Ragnarök Thor will take nine steps from the body of Jörmungandr and he will fall dead from the poison after killing Jörmungandr. 

Suggested Offerings - Great offerings for Thor are mead and beer. He really likes booze. He also likes red meat.

Freyr - Freyr went to live with the Æsir after the Vanir-Æsir War. Freyr is a sword wielding fertility god. He oversees the harvest and crops of men. He is also a god of desire and passion. He is the brother of Freyja. 

He owns a golden boar which he uses for transportation and also owns a magical ship that can fold up and be placed in his pocket. 

He will fight Surtr on Ragnarök armed with only the antler of a stag. He will be slain but he will put out one of Surtr's eyes. 

Suggested Offerings - A good offering for Freyr is a love poem or horn of red wine. He also enjoys wheat and grains from the harvest. 

Baldr - Baldr is the immortal god of light. When he was born, he was adored by all things in the nine worlds. He was the prize child of Odin and Frigg. However, Baldr began to have night terrors about his own demise and Odin went to Helheim to speak with a völva in order to find out what will happen to his son. 

Baldr is foretold to be slain, so a plan is set into motion. Frigg has all living creatures swear an oath to never harm Baldr, that way, he would never die. Although this seems successful, there is one plant that does not agree; a sprig of mistletoe. Loki ultimately tricks the god Höðr into throwing a mistletoe dart at Baldr, who then dies. Odin conceives a child specifically to deal punishment to Höðr and Höðr dies as well. 

The Æsir try to get Baldr back from the dead, but Hel will only allow this is everything in the nine worlds agrees to weep for him. All do except an old giantess who was Loki in disguise. So Baldr is lost to Helheim until after Ragnarök

Suggested Offerings - Images of the sun and sweet mead are good offerings for Baldr. He also enjoys music and fresh marigolds are a good thing to offer. 

Bragi - Bragi was born when Odin and a giantess met together and shared the mead of poetry in a cave. When Bragi was born he was given a golden harp from dwarves as a gift. His music was so beautiful that it brightened all of the nine worlds. Odin has also inscribed special runes on Bragi's tongue. 

In his travels he met the goddess Iðunn, the lady of spring and keeper of the golden apples. He married her and they keep each other happy, youth and poetry. 

A common custom was to swear oaths over cups of wine that were dedicated to Bragi. Some of the greatest skalds in history take Bragi's name. 

Suggested Offerings - Poems and songs recited for Bragi are greatly appreciated. He also likes apples. Apple ale or hard cider is great to offer, too. 

Loki - Loki is the god of chaos and change. He is actually a giant who lives among the gods. He was bound to a rock with the entrails of his son for his involvement in Baldr's death. 

Loki is also the center of controversy in the heathen community. However, regardless of your views, you cannot deny the importance of Loki and the change he brings about. 

Loki is said to lead an army against the Æsir on Ragnarök in vengeance due to them binding him and his family. 

Suggested Offerings - Whiskey, complex toys and puzzles, art work, and acts of devotion. 

Týr - Týr is the god of war. The very art and science of warfare is Týr's. He is not the god of battle like Odin, or of strength like Thor; he is more like a general. 

Týr is a one-handed warrior god, due to the fact that Fenrir bit it off when Týr and the other gods tricked Fenrir into putting a muzzle and binding on. 

Týr is said to be a son of Odin but also the son of Hymir, a giant. Týr is the warrior and soldier's god. 

On Ragnarok he will kill Garm and then be killed. 

Suggested Offerings - Red meat, especially beef roast and steak. Knives and arrow heads are good too. He also enjoys acts of honesty done in his name. 

Heimdallr - Heimdallr is said to be the son of 9 waves, but also that of Odin. Perhaps he is the adopted son of Odin. Either that or his father was Odin while Odin was wandering around in disguise. 

Heimdallr is famous for his acute sense of sight and hearing. This is why he guards the Bifröst Bridge. He is not too fond of Loki and will die at the hands of Loki and manage to kill Loki as well. 

He is also known for his horn, Gjallarhorn, and his sword. 

Suggested Offerings - Mead of course. He also enjoys rainbow patterned offerings. Earthy or brightly colored stones are good too. It's also a good idea to dedicate war horns to Heimdallr. 

Njörðr - Njörðr is a Vanir sea god. He oversees the weather during sea travel and wards off harmful wights at sea. Njörðr is also the god of fisherman, and the commerce of sea trade. As such Njörðr is one of the more peaceful gods of the Norse pantheon.

Njörðr is the father of Freyr and Freyja. He is also the previous husband of the winter giantess Skaði. His and Skaði's marriage was an arranged marriage after she choose him judging by the beauty of his feet.

Njörðr will die on Ragnarök.

Suggested Offerings - Sea shells, model ships, mead, and anything to do with the sea. He is also known to accept gold coins and other aspects of trade.

Hermóðr - Hermóðr is the messenger of the gods. He is considered to be heroic for his long and fast paced journey to Helheim where he negotiated terms with Hel over Baldr's death.

Hermóðr is one of the few gods who have rode Sleipnir. He is known for his epic journeys and hasty messages.

Suggested Offerings - Images of horses, scrolls, mead, and carvings of the rune Raido.

Höðr - Höðr is a rather sad and depressing god. He is the god of things darkened and cold, and he's also blind. For such a high and mighty group of warrior-like gods you can imagine the shame of having a blind son among them. It was a sad fate for Höðr honestly.

Höðr only experienced more despair once he was tricked by Loki into throwing a dart of mistletoe into his brother Baldr's chest. Höðr was then killed by the god Váli. The gods did not know that Höðr was innocent. Höðr lives with Baldr and Nanna in Helheim and will return post-Ragnarök.

Suggested Offerings - Ice and snow. Gloomy and dark crafts. Mead (be wary of mistletoe)

Ullr - Ullr is the winter hunter god. He is the son of Sif and an un-named frost giant. He is often hinted at being far more important than a simple winter god. Various texts and bits of lore suggest that oaths of the most serious subjects were sworn in Ullr's presence.

Ullr is also said to have replaced Odin at one point when Odin vacated his throne to learn Seiðr from Freyja. When Odin returned, he banished Ullr.

Suggested Offerings - Results from a hunt is best. Pine, cranberries, and strong ale are good too.

Váli - Váli is the slayer of Höðr . He is also considered to be a god of strong stock. He is the son of Odin and the giantess Rindr.

Váli is said to survive Ragnarök and be of high regard alongside his brother Víðarr.

Suggested Offerings - Arrow heads and spear heads, acts of strength and valor, mead or preferably stronger spirits.

Víðarr - Víðarr is another son of Odin who is considered to be of hearty stock. Víðarr wear's a great boot to protect his foot on Ragnarök. He places his foot in Fenrir's mouth and tears the wolf in half after Fenrir has eaten Odin.

Víðarr goes on to be a significant leader Post-Ragnarök.

Suggested Offerings - Boots, leather crafting scraps, and depictions of the forest. Mead and strong ale.

Máni - Mani is the son of the giant Mundilfari who named Máni after the newly formed moon. The gods decided that Sól and Máni should be the gods who pull the sun and moon around the earth to create a cycle of night and day.

For all the rest of their days until Ragnarök Máni will fulfill this task.

Suggested Offerings - Images of the moon and mild mead. Salt, rain water, and opaque stones are good too.

Kvasir - Kvasir was made after the great Vanir-Æsir war. He was made when the two gods spit into a cup. He is said to be the god of all things inspirational, educational, and poetic.

Kvasir's life was cut short after he was murdered by a group of dwarves who used his blood to create the Mead of Inspiration.

Suggested Offerings - Poems, speeches, and mead.

Forseti - Forseti is the god of all things legal. He is the son of Baldr and Nanna. He is often thought to fulfill the same role as Týr, however, Forseti is a god of rational and legal justice while Týr is more of an ethics and honor teaching god.

Forseti is attributed to the ancient Frisian code of law.

Suggested Offerings - Burning no longer needed legal documents works well. Feats of valor and just actions are good as well.