Fort Wayne Heathens

Heathen/Ásatrú Community of Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana

The Goddesses:

(Offerings suggested by a census of the Community, 2013)

Frigg - Frigg is a motherly goddess, the wife of Odin, and can be considered the queen figure of Ásgarðr. As a motherly Goddess, she is called upon during child birth and other things that involve the care and raising of children. 

Frigg is a compassionate Goddess and she can relate to the woes of the mother (she did lose her dear son, Baldr, after all). She has the ability to see into the future and sits alone to weave the clouds together. 

Even though Frigg has the gift of foresight, she does not tell anyone what she sees. 

Suggested Offerings - Fine silks, white wine, and dark chocolate are some good offerings.  

Freyja - Freyja is a strong warrior goddess. She is the sister of Freyr and is also a Vanir. She is the matron of battle, magic, lust, and fertility. 

Freyja takes half of the honored dead from the battle field. They stay in her hall Sessrúmnir (like Valhöll.) Freyja is also known for having taught Seidr to Odin. 

Freyja possesses a beautiful necklace of amber, The Brísingamen and she's renowned for her beauty. She has a chariot like Thor but her cart is pulled by cats. 

Suggested Offerings - Pieces of amber and jewelry. She also enjoys fresh fruits and sweet wine. 

Iðunn - Iðunn is the wife of Bragi and she is the physical embodiment of Spring. She is the keeper of the golden apples that keep the gods young for eternity. 

She was once tricked and her apples were stolen, this conflict led to Skaði joining the ranks of the Æsir

Iðunn is a beautiful maiden and is associated with eternal youth as such she is also often associated with healing and restoring the vitality to the soul and body. 

Suggested Offerings - Poetry and song are great. She also enjoys fresh apples and apple juice. Wild flowers are good too. 

Sif - Sif is the golden haired beautiful wife of Thor. She represents the crops and golden wheat in fields. She is a fertility and harvest goddess. 

She was famous among the gods for her blonde hair until Loki sheared it off. Loki then, by threat of death, was forced to fix his wrong doings. She managed to get her some magical golden hair from the dwarves. This hair was even more beautiful. 

She is also a patron of wives and mothers everywhere. She is a good example of being both loving and independent. 

Suggested Offerings - Hair clippings and sweet corn. She also likes brightly colored cloth and pottery. 

Skaði - Skaði is a winter huntress goddess. She was married to a sea god by arrangement, but the relationship was short lived. She is known for being fierce, cold, and determined. 

She is a hardened womanly figure. She is independent and grieves the loss of her father. She is also vengeful against Loki and specifically added a touch of torture to his already gruesome punishment. She fashioned a poison dripping snake above his eyes. 

She is a goddess of hunting and winter. 

Suggested Offerings - Whiskey on the rocks is great. She also likes flint or steel arrow heads and knives. 

Sól -   Sól is the daughter of the giant Mundilfari who named her after the newly formed sun. The gods decided that Sól and her brother,  Máni, should be the gods who pull the sun and moon around the earth to create a cycle of night and day.

For all the rest of their days until Ragnarok, Sól will fulfill this task.

Suggested Offerings - Sun wheels burnt as offerings, citrus beer, copper jewelry.