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The Nine Nobles Virtues, from the Havamal

The Nine Noble Virtues are derived from the Hávamál, the Sayings of the High One, Odin. These modern suggested ethics have become a staple backbone for many Ásatrúar. However, these virtues were made in the last century by a group called the Odinic Rite. They are by no means traditional, nor are they a set of rules or commandments.

They are as follows; Courage, Discipline, Fidelity, Honor, Hospitality, Industriousness, Perseverance, Self Reliance, and Truth.

Have courage in the face of your obstacles. Be true to those you know and yourself. Don't mess around when married, stick to your oaths, and live up to pledges sworn. Be disciplined and discipline those who are not. Be hospitable to all. Don't be lazy. Don't be needy. Persevere in the face of all challenges.

These are good traits to build yourself upon, and many heathens live by them, though not all do. It is, after all, a modern code of ethics, and some equate it to a ten commandments system. However, the world view of these virtues, and that of the Biblical Commandments are totally different in theology and design. They are completely different, and are founded upon the wisdom of the Hávamál.