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The Indiana Kindred Registrar Project

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This project started between two members of the Troth who also happened to be Hoosiers. The project is meant to ensure that there is an up to date and reliable list of Indiana Kindreds. This was done in the hopes that Ásatrúar who have thought they were alone in their beliefs, can come together and forge bonds of kinship with other Hoosiers who are true to the Æsir and the Vanir. 

If you are a kindred leader, or are a member of a kindred, please fill out the the registration form! It's quick, easy, and for a great cause. The final list will be compiled and shared with several groups like the American Ásatrú Association, Fort Wayne Heathens, The Troth, and Storm Haven Kindred.

*This information will be publicly accessible on the Fort Wayne Heathens web page as well as available on our Facebook group page. By submitting you agree to share this information with us in order to progress the networking efforts of heathens in Indiana.*
Thank you for adding your kindred to the list of Indiana Asatru Kindreds!
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