Fort Wayne Heathens

Heathen/Ásatrú Community of Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana

Our Holy Tides of the Year



Charming of the Plow: 

Agricultural motif. Heavy food, grains and cake; offered to the earth, with appropriate symbols. 


In January, we begin our year again. Ritual reminder that time is moving forward, and wyrd is ever-turning. A time to talk about land wights, and offer to them, for a prosperous new year. 



Modern mid-winter feast in parts of Iceland. Obviously, it's a bunch of eating and blot to Thor. 




Feast of Vali:  

This celebrates the mythos of the death of Hothr by Vali. Heathen emphasis on the return of the sun, end of winter.


Gift and card exchange, as today we celebrate the ties our Kindred has as a family unto itself. 




High Feast of Ostara:  

This is the Spring Equinox. The end of Winter and the beginning of the season of rebirth. Honors go out to Frigga, Freya and Nerthus with blot and feast. Offer to land wights and Heathen emphasis on renewal of nature and our hopes for ourselves and Kin. 





Celebrates the first day of Summer in the Old Icelandic calendar. Here, we reflect on our own battles we have fought, and what we have achieved and learned from fighting them. 


Walpurgisnacht: Walberga is a goddess who combines some of the traits of Her better-known peers. Today we hail our dead, Freya, Hel, and Frigga.  We boast of our ancestral heroes, and we speak of the Disir. 




May Day:  

Celebrated with raw colorful confusion...Freya turns her kindly face to us after the night of Walburg. Celebrate the birth of Spring and the gifts of Freya on this day. 


Frigga Blot:  

Celebration of late Spring. A traditional time for a Kindred campout, blot to the "mom" side of Frigga for our continued health and safety. 





This is the longest day and the shortest night of the year: We bid farewell to Sunna begins its long decline, sliding into the darkness which will culminate six months from now at Yule. Hold blot to Baldur and High Feast. This is the traditional time for holding the Althing. 





Freyfaxi marked the time of the harvest in ancient Iceland. Today the Asatru observe this date as a celebration of their harvest with blot to Freyr and a grand Feast from the gardens and the fields. 




Winter Finding:  

The Fall Equinox; Summer and Winter balance for a moment and the cold, old man wins - for now. Brace yourself for longer nights and the onset, eventually, of the cold and darkness of Winter. A blot to Odin for inspiration and wisdom gained in this darker time of year. 




Winter Nights/Vetrablot 

In the Old Icelandic Calendar, winter begins on the Saturday between Hunting 11th and 17th.  


Winter Nights celebrates the the Disir. A dis of each family name is called and thanked and dismissed. 


Give a libation of ale, milk, or mead into the soil an offering to the Disir and the Earth itself. 




Feast of the Einherjar 

Those who sit in Odin's Hall are the Einherjar. Today we honor those dead kin who gave their lives for Family and Folk.  




December 21: 

Mother Night: As the night before the Winter Solstice, this is the time when the New Year is born.  


We greet Sunna, as she begins her return trip. 


This is the "biggie" on this calendar: we celebrate by Blot, Sumbel, and High Feast.  


December 31: 

Twelfth Night: This culminates the traditional twelve days of Yule. 


Reflect fearlessly on the past year. Take stock and lay a course for the future.  


Make New Years resolutions in the old way by swearing your oath, if you dare.