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Posted on August 22, 2016 at 10:40 PM

A large Asatru organization recently clarified that they firmly disbelieve in the idea of transgendered people. They also made sure to distinguish between an adoration of the children of their group, and chose to phrase it in a way that showed adoration towards specifically Caucasian children of their group. Their Alsherjargothi went on to make it clear that non-Caucasians, transgendered people, homosexuals, etc (anyone not of European ancestry and those who didn't practice "traditional family values" in the bedroom) were not welcome in the Asatru Folk Assembly.

This statement has so much potential to cause harm, confusion, and harsh knee-jerk reactions in the Heathen community, from within and without. I wanted to clarify the stance that Fort Wayne Heathens has. Hopefully this clarification will remind our current members of what they’ve prescribed to, and let future members know what we expect.

"Article V - Policies

Section A: Discrimination

* We do not tolerate any sort of discrimination. This includes but is not limited to; sex/gender, race/ethnicity, and/or sexual orientation. Discrimination may result in removal without warning."

Fort Wayne Heathens is not here to thought-police you, your neighbor, your cousin’s roomates’s bestfriend’s dog or anyone else. We are here to provide a safe, open, and public introduction to Heathenry where no one is excluded based on superficial things. We base our opinions of our members, our alies, and our friends on worth alone.

That being said, we will not tolerate discrimination, hate, bigotry, or exclusion in our group. I hope that if there are people out there that expect that from modern American Heathenry, they can look upon Fort Wayne Heathens and see it shining like a beacon. I hope that we can serve as an example.

The Asatru Folk Assembly's words here should serve as an example of what not to encourage in Heathenry.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all [men] are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

2. Hail, ye Givers! a guest is come;

say! where shall he sit within?

Much pressed is he who fain on the hearth

would seek for warmth and weal.

3. He hath need of fire, who now is come,

numbed with cold to the knee;

food and clothing the wanderer craves

who has fared o'er the rimy fell.

4. He craves for water, who comes for refreshment,

drying and friendly bidding,

marks of good will, fair fame if 'tis won,

and welcome once and again.

Hospitality and equality are Heathen and American values. Fort Wayne Heathens is a group of American Heathens. We will continue to do what we do, and won’t leave those on the wayside due to the color of their skin, the gender they choose to express, their sexuality, or anything else.





 - Mark Bayless Pope, Lawspeaker of Fort Wayne Heathens




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Reply ★ Owner
4:09 PM on February 20, 2017 
Joe, you left this in our mailbox. "By conflating Heathenry with monkeys and faggots you are ruining what you claim to be, and pushing away those who are True to the Faith. "

Heathenry is about owning and becoming your deeds. Based on your ignorant words, I can assume your deeds are just as deplorable. You have no honor Joe. We're not looking for people who are conducting themselves like a fool. Take Odin's advise from the Havamal.

"For the unwise man
who comes among men,
it is best that be he silent.
None know
that he knows nothing,
unless he should speak too much."

I hope your hateful heart heals, and that your ignorance meets wisdom. I take me leave now, considering another portion of Odin's words.

"I advise you, Loddfafnir,
to take advice;
you would benefit, it you took it,
good will come to you, if you accept it:
you must never
bandy words
with a stupid fool. "
Reply Joe
10:52 PM on February 19, 2017 
Too bad. Was looking to join you guys. You are scum.
Reply Jessica Soard
8:41 AM on August 23, 2016 
Well-formed, Lawspeaker.

Thank you.
Reply ★ Owner
11:25 PM on August 22, 2016 
If you saw the "Inclusive Heathenry" graphic in the description of the weblink to this post, all credit for that image goes to the Alliance for Inclusive Heathenry. Check them out on Facebook!