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Althing Announcements

Posted on June 26, 2016 at 2:30 PM

Announcements and my Thoughts on the Althing

By Mark, Fort Wayne Heathens Lawspeaker

First things first, we have new officers. Noah R Hackbarth is our goði now, and Abi Fischer is our Scribe. Brittney Johnson took over officially as Treasurer. I retained the office of Lawspeaker and Jessica Soard retained the office of Gyðja.

Hail to the new officers and current officers, and hail to Autumn Callahan for serving as our previous Treasurer!

This isn't going to be the minutes from the big meeting. That'll be coming soon. This is just my rambling thoughts on the whole affair.

My first thoughts are on the venue. It was really neat. It would be cool to feast there for Yule. I'm grateful for the experience and I think people had fun at the venue. I don't think it is ideal for an Althing. I think it would be better to have this event in a private area, outdoors (with possible overnight camping after celebration of Midsummer), with the meeting taking place with multiple breaks in intervals throughout the day instead of forcing it in your face in a few short hours.

I like the fact that there were real reconciliations between the group and members that were ostracized to a degree. What I want to see happen, is the attitude of taking a grievance before the Althing or Lawspeaker to be heard instead of drama-mongering.

I saw a healthy amount of participation, and I want more of that from members.

These are some of the ramblings in my head that I am willing to share, what are some of the thoughts that you folks have? I would like to hear some of the things that discouraged people from going, and the things that encouraged people to go.

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